What is Fluid Pluralism?

What is Fluid Pluralism?

Fluid pluralism in essence is a connected set of constantly evolving and devolving groups that are non-binding. The distorting affects of power and wealth and the systematic flaws within us and the societies we create that tend to concentrate power in the hands of the few are tempered.

“Fluid pluralism describes the power flows […] power forms small hierarchical waves, and then these structures dissipate from the base to create new hierarchies […] Fluid pluralism is highly adaptable to changing circumstances and does not stagnant into uninventive swamps of rigid aristocratic class or caste, nor is it so formless as to occupy every waking hour with the struggle to better oneself, as is the case with capitalist democratic systems. Fluid pluralism allows the leisure to think deeply about underlying principles and human meaning, all while encouraging practical bottom-up innovation by rewarding industry and ingenuity.”

In pluralism political power is widely dispersed amongst groups, either working together or competing, with none having absolute power. We have many forms of government (federal, state, local, etc.), many different religions, workplaces and organisations, a variety of family units and so on but often these structures do not interact well and are forced into competition. How many individuals have been forced to choose between their work and their family? Who suffers? We have a fluid tendency to want to harmonise our holdings of these groups but mixed loyalties are mistaken for disloyalty.

“Fluid pluralism is a way to harmonise our mind together with our interactions with others and the natural world we inhabit to create the most thoughtful, contented, imaginative and sustainable society possible.”

In this we maintain our connection with the environment and the universal value of life.

Our tendency to accumulate power in the hands of the few is chastened by siphoning the means of value(s) communication, i.e. the movement of money, and redistributing it evenly across the populous.

“Fear, isolation and struggle are the most cancerous manipulations on the living world, as they force selfish competition, thoughtless compliance and hubris. We will destroy the other to maintain ourselves, which eventually will leave us unsupported and alone – and no human can survive without the help of other living organisms.”

Fluid pluralism uses money as quantifier of value choices as it is our most accepted communicator of value and its representation. The value of money is a reflection of our values and not mere consumer want. Fluid pluralism creates a network of interconnected nodes of power not based on nationhood or corporate power but on intrinsic value. The system is not leveraged towards failure due to utter dependence.

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